Sunday, 17 April 2011

StarCraft Network Launcher for Hamachi

  StarCraft is known to have issues when playing on LAN or VPN (like Hamachi VPN) on a computer with multiple networks enabled at the same time. Also StarCraft looses palette at start up on newest Windows Vista and Seven due to display subsystem changes (and DirectDraw changes). To fix network ambiguity problems it is recommended to run StarCraft with ForceBindIP command line tool. To fix palette problems on newer Windows there are some tricks discovered by users.
  To ease and combine all these in one solution I have written a simple StarCraft launcher (which can be used with other similar applications as well).

  Download link:
       application archive (zip): Public_scxLauncher - version 0.8b [Win32/i386] - 4.66 MiB
       source code (zip): Source_scxLauncher - version 0.8b - 146 KiB

  Previous versions:
       application archive (zip): Public_scxLauncher - version 0.7b [Win32/i386] - 5.67 MiB
       source code (zip): Source_scxLauncher - version 0.7b - 21.2 KiB

  It is still beta and I will be very thankful for suggestions and comments (the mail is below). It is distributed under the GPL, LGPL or MIT license on your choice.

  This launcher is dependent on ForceBindIP (website is and includes its package inside (my launcher will install ForceBindIP itself, just run it with administrator rights).

  The Launcher is written with Qt SDK 1.1RC & QtCreator 2.1. Source code is available for download and use under LGPLv2 and MIT license.

  In future versions I will add a DirectDraw registry fix to improve SC's palette stability.

1) Download launcher Public_scxLauncher .zip archive
2) Unpack it with windows zip unpacker or any archive tool (like 7-zip) to any directory (non-desktop directory, please. Make sure the directory is write-enabled).
3) Run scxLaunch.exe
4) If your StarCraft is not installed properly, you should browse (Enter key or "..." button) to search for starcraft.exe

5) If you have Hamachi network, it will be detected automatically. Otherwise, select any desired network from network combo-box. (Select from list)
6) If you have Windows Vista or Seven - select needed flags (like Add firewall exception, application compatibility, palette tricks, and run as administrator flags - they are selected by default).
7) Press F5 or Launch! button to start game.
8) All launcher settings (after Launch or Cancel) are stored in config.txt, which is parsed at start up.

9) In case of any questions, please, comment below.

Update from 6th July 2011: new version 0.8b is available. Links updated (above).
Update from 2nd May 2011: primary download link is temporarily unavailable (up to 7th May).
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