Sunday, 4 September 2011

DXF writer library [C++]

This is a header-only C++ library for generating Autodesk DXF files. I have used it in a laser cutting application to generate an arbitrary contour. The original idea is taken from here. Here is a similar library (QCad dxflib).
This library already includes routines to write: circles, lines and polylines.
It is easily expandable. Use reference manual "Autocad 2012: DXF Reference" (PDF) to add needed DXF entities.
The library is LGPL or MIT. If you have modifications or additions, please let me know or contribute directly to Git.

  Git repository:

  Download link:
       git clone
       previous library and sample source code (zip): Source_XDxfGen - version 0.3 - 14.0 KiB

Support: comment here for any questions. Or use git contacts. Or write to e-mail:
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