Thursday, 24 June 2010

ITE robot project:: Beginning

Currently I'm involved in development of a rover-kind robot project and hope that I'll be able to publish it's photos soon. I will write a small annotation for the beginning.
Few years before, I've decided to apply my knowledge of MCU in practice. I've made a lot of small testing devices, and the best way to achieve higher skills was to start development of large robotic project. Popular Martian rover robots have captured my interest of making something similar. So, I've decided to construct large 6-wheeled robot with highly advanced artificial intelligence. Using normal PC boards will result in low-cost computing power, so the robot must be large enough to contain it. Also there must be enough space for capatitive batteries. I assume normal operation time, without solar charging, should be 5-7 hours. Here is a photo of ITE for the beginning (top view):The codename ITE stands for Intellectual Terrain Explorer. Later I will write something about schemes and modules of ITE. On photo you can see plastic packs with red batteries inside - these are Li-Ion modules 22.2V each, composed from laptop batteries of 11.1 V. All these six packs (three of them are under the motherboard) can provide up to 645 W*h of energy (up to 7-8 hours uptime to total discharge). Each wheel of rover can be driven and rotated separately with the help of total 12 motors (6+6 for turning/running). You can see a turning DC motor already attached on the left bottom corner of picture. The entire armature of the robot is made from Titan - this will guarantee a low weight and high strength (if properly welded). Currently in physical construction and design one mechanical engeneer involved, who gives me advices when I'm making modules and electronics.
I hope to involve more people to this project, because it is going to be open-source solution.
P.S.: The rover project was started nearly in October-November 2008.

More technical info about design will be available later. I will try to post here as regular as possible.

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