Saturday, 23 October 2010

ITE::System modules scheme

Preliminary design of ITE's components interconnection.

Currently I have only a 180W DC-ATX power supply, but I will be able to add more power later (by parallel usage of several DC/DC converters). I have the only motion motor control module currently in alpha-stage, but it's working well. The control system's data storage will use one HDD (for archiving data, a lot of space is required) and one SSD (for system - Linux). Similar installation showed the successful start up with Windows XP as primary OS. A mid-end GPU (180 W peak approx.) will be used for computationally intense highly parallel computer vision tasks and image processing (preferably OpenCL-based). Computer vision tasks are foreseen to have better (computing power)/(consumed electric power) ratio on GPU as compared to multicore CPU. Also, near real-time image processing will probably show up as hard-to-implement.

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